Foot and Ankle surgery

Both Dr’s Christopher and Andrea Seat have had extensive training in all aspects of foot and ankle surgery during their reconstructive foot and ankle residency programs in Chicago, Illinois. This afforded them the opportunity to have been trained in, regularly perform, and have access to, the most recent and cutting edge technology in foot and ankle surgery. Listed below are some of the surgeries that they perform. This is not an all-inclusive list as he performs all surgeries relating to the foot and ankle.

• Achilles tendon/heel spur surgery
• Ankle arthroscopy
• Ankle fusion and replacement
• Bunion surgery
• Charcot reconstruction
• Chronic ankle instability repair
• Endoscopic plantar fascia surgery
• External fixation
• Flatfoot reconstruction
• Fusion or arthroplasty/joint replacement for arthritis
• Hallux rigidus (big toe joint arthritis) surgery including the Cartiva implant
• Hammertoe surgery
• High arch reconstruction
• Limb salvage and amputations
• Rearfoot fusion for arthritis
• Repair of all fractures of the foot and ankle
• Repair of damaged or torn ligaments
• Repair of damaged or torn tendons
• Tarsal Tunnel surgery and other nerve releases

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