Foot, heel, and toe pain

The foot and ankle are complex structures that have numerous bones, ligaments, tendons and neurovascular structures. This is why hundreds of ailments have been reported in the foot and ankle. Therefore, the list below is not meant to be comprehensive, but includes some of the more common complaints that patients present with. Many of these conditions can be treated with conservative care, and at Oklahoma Foot & Ankle Treatment Center we take pride in attempting these conservative treatments first, without rushing into surgery, but at times surgery may be necessary.

Achilles tendon pain/bone spurs
Athlete’s foot

Corns and calluses

Diabetic foot care and wound care
Flat feet
Fractures of the foot

High arch

Ingrown toenails
Metatarsalgia (pain in ball of foot)
Morton’s neuroma
Plantar fasciitis/heel pain

Plantar plate injury
Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
Running and Sports injuries
Stiff or Arthritic big toe

Stress fracture
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Tendinitis/tendon rupture

Toenail fungus
Turf toe/Sesamoid injury